Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Construction Update September 23, 2008

The back of the Ocean House and the Oceanfront and Beachfront Cottages.

The front of the Ocean House. Construction workers are working hard to enclose the building before winter starts.

The veranda, beginning to be closed in.

The Southern side of the Ocean House, beginning to be closed in.

A Northeast view of the Ocean House, showing the Oceanfront and Beachfront Cottages and underground parking entrance.

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Anonymous said...

The Ocean House is coming along beautifully. I will never forget the summers I spent at The Ocean House. Something about it seemed so special. I teared up when I heard it was definitely being torn down. I am so happy I will be able to go back and visit this special place. Yet nothing will ever compare to those first times I had at the Ocean House. Thank you for building Ocean House #2! I cant wait!