Monday, July 14, 2008

Steel "Topping Off" Ceremony July 11, 2008

The Tower making its way up to the top.

Almost there! The tower reaches its final resting point on the top of the Ocean House.

The yellow beam that allowed all those who wanted to become a part of the Ocean House to become a part of history.

Charles Royce, principal of the Ocean House project, puts his John Hancock on the beam.

Sammy Fusaro and his wife Nancy Burns-Fusaro sign the beam. Sammy was the lifeguard at the Ocean House Beach for 35 years and is a local celebrity in the area.

The Steel "Topping Off" Ceremony was a grand affair. On July 11th the Tower was placed upon the highest point on the steel frame of the new Ocean House. Over 200 people gathered around to watch as the tower made its way through the sky and even more came throughout the day to sign the painted yellow steel beam, permanently placing themselves in Ocean House history. Enjoy the above pictures from this wonderful event and very memorable day for the Ocean House.

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